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Al Fadi - (C.I.R.A. International)

This is frequently a difficult film to watch, but it remains an essential historical document and provides an incredible insight into the mindset of islamic terror.

Isaac Marshall - (jihadwatch.org)

Pulling no punches, this is not for the faint of heart; very real, regardless of your politics, this is a film that cannot fail to move your sense of humanity.

Rob Christian - (Christian Apologa)

Epic documentary about the real face of islam by watching this documentary hopefully more people in the west might wake up and discover the hidden agenda of this cult.

Grant J. Casey

Total loss for words totally gobsmacked while watching, I thought I understood the depravity of islam but I was so wrong, you have opened my eyes wider to the truth of it, for that I thank you.

Richard Crouse

Definitely gut-churning, you're definitely very gifted in film-making, your transitions and music useage is on point as well as hitting on the proper points of contention.

Micheal Compton

Frequently a queasy experience, and given the bewildering array of verses from the qur'an, it's always an illuminating experience, it commands attention as an object lesson in the banality of evil.

Armond White

Most alarming of all is the inherent parallel these documentaries make between the way the religion really is, and the way sections of uneducated Western society fall for the lies and deception.

Susan Brunson

The verses in the qura'n becomes harsh, reminding us that the forces responsible for assembling these believers mean serious business showing the brutality of their actions.

Kelechi Ehenulo

This documentary is real, it's dialogue so tense, it's speeches by believers so emotional, that you'd swear that this is either a work of dramatic fiction or a mockumentary. But it is neither.

Robert Spencer (jihadwatch.org)

The effects of terrorism on the Christian people of the Middle East often goes unreported, but this unique documentary brings them to light in all their discomfort and viscera.