Documentaries that I never wanted to make because I never wanted America and the west to get to a point where a documentary like this needed to be made.

Film #1: art of IMPOSTURE

News of terrorism often tries to distinguish between "radical" and other members of the Islamic faith, however "radical" is a misnomer & those who are portrayed in this documentary are adherents to Islam are following (Islamic law) exactly as it was prescribed. Usama K. Dakdok (Christian apologist and polemicist) narrates providing indispensable insight into the second largest religion in the world. Islam in the West has worked hard to beguile, obscure and hide the violent and hateful realities repeatedly and falsely stating that "Islam means peace" and convincing the majority of Westerners of this great deception.

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Film #2: pledge to the DEATH

We often hear, "but they are just children!" But are they? When children are made to maim and kill, soaked in the Islamic mandate and ideal of a world without disbelievers, what does it do to the psyche of these children? Take a look behind the scenes in this documentary, witness the real footage of the tragedy and horror when children are made into Islamic sanctified and commanded killers without remorse. Narrated by Robert Morey.

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Film #3: God's War on Terror

Based on the Book by Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson
a detailed roadmap with mountains of evidence that God exists. His design from time immemorial, regarding man's destiny, is filled with countless details about the future, especially the coming war with an Islamic coalition against Christianity and Israel. In fact all of the references in the Bible to nations against which God declares His war in End-times you will find are all Muslim.

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